Karabin is an independent management consulting company, located in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. Our main focus is on process improvement and operational excellence. We challenge conventional thinking and bring in specialists from across the company to ensure our clients get the best knowledge we can offer. Today, Karabin help companies gain competitive advantage in order to thrive, survive and succeed in a global market.


We have the ambition to become the leading change management and process improvement company in Norway, measured by the value we create for our clients. In recent years, we have generated a value of NOK 6,1 billion for the organizations we have worked with.


Karabin believes in passion, knowledge, integrity and focus, combined with experience and hard work. Today, we work with ambitious clients, both private and public organizations. We hope that more clients will challenge and entrust us with their problems, allowing us to help them create the results needed.


We are looking for candidates with a consulting-like mind, preferably with an understanding of methodology, techniques and best practice. As no surprise, Karabin is interested in smart people with a high degree of logical sense and understanding. However, more importantly, the candidate must be outgoing, inspirational and someone we can trust, who fit our culture.


Karabin is rapidly growing, and you can become a part of that and help shape the company. You will get the opportunity to work with well-known and respected organizations, where no two days are alike. The work you get to do matters and will be recognized. The team is the most important asset at Karabin, which means it must be taken care of. Therefore, we do a lot of fun and social things together, where we focus on personal and professional development! At Karabin, competence and ability to deliver are more important than seniority!




Dan Wange
966 26 263




See our career sites at karriere.karabin.no

If you have any comments or questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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