The Norwegian Venture Capital & Private Equity Assocation (NVCA)

De aktive eierfondene i Norge


The Norwegian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (NVCA), or Norsk Venturekapitalforening which is our Norwegian name, represents the venture capital and private equity industry in Norway. This year, we are visiting NHH together with Level20, a not for profit organisation founded in 2015 by 12 women working in senior roles in private equity, aligned around a common vision of improving gender diversity in the industry.


Our aim is create an understanding of the venture capital and private equity industry, and inspire more talented students - both women and men - to choose a career with us. These funds represent an important contribution to the Norwegian economy, they can finance new innovations, technology and companies, and they can help Norwegian companies grow into new markets, explore new business opportunities or strengthen their R&D focus.


Working in a venture capital or private equity fund, will give you an opportunity to work with everything from marketing, to financial due diligence, to sustainability, technology and recruitment. Working closely with the companies they invest in, a career in this industry will enable to challenge you and help you develop skills on far more than «just finance.» And more importantly, you can play an important role in the Norwegian economy and contribute to increased value creation. 


Among the NVCA members, you find venture capital firms that specialise in investing in early-stage companies within sectors ranging from life science and cancer treatments, to technology and renewable energy. There are larger players that invest in mature companies which perhaps haven't reached their full potential, that need larger production facilities, or capital and know-how to reach new markets. Or you can work as a fund investor, assessing funds and teams and their ability to deliver return to investors. 


Visit us at our stand, and we will tell you more about everyday life at work in the VC/PE industry, the myriad of roles and opportunities and how to pursue a career in the VC/PE industry!

If you have any comments or questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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